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Ok, so we finally took the plunge...

Found a black PAcifica Hybrid within an hour that would sell for MSRP (near San Jose), so before baby #2 arrives, decided to go get it!

Excited, but also a bit nervous! Also will have to move some cabinets in the garage in order to make the fit less tight.:surprise:

Will keep all of you updated on the progress...mileage we're seeing, driving,e tc...

Was definitely very smooth on the ride home and very comfortable. First charge will be tonight (L1).

Wanted to thank everyone in these forums for giving so much useful information. You guys rock.

Fingers crossed!

ps - my brother in law is a finance manager at Lexus and he was very adamant about me not getting an extended warranty from the dealership (but agrees that in year 3 it will probably make sense given that it's an AMC). He also helped me get a good 2.49% financing from a credit union around here (the best they were going to quote me was 4.99% until i told them to send it to a specific credit union). pays to search.

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You can get a MOPAR warranty discounted from this dealer. I do not know how to link to the post but it has so much info on this subject. Most dealers will not discount as much as Zeigler.

make sure to use the promocode "DAMON2" to get an additional 200.00 off the price........

Genuine Mopar Vehicle Protection Warranty - Save $$ Today

Bob Cline
Obtaining A Genuine Manufacturer Warranty Quote Is Easy!
Zeigler Chrysler
866.943.7778 toll free direct
269.685.3557 direct

I chose 8 year with 75,000 miles limit with $100 deductible. Cost $1330.00
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