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Notwithstanding the legal aspects, reliability, fun factor etc... My main question is --

Who benefits from the million of miles driven training the system?
  • The OpenPilot user? OK, although again is it "user" or "trainer/reinforcer"?
  • The community? In this case, how can we ensure that indeed the collective knowledge acquired stays in the community with low friction access to it.
  • Hotz himself? In this case, what prevents him from saying "Thanks guys, the "software for research purposes" phase is over" and he closes everything. Sure, most of the code is on GitHub, but it looks like there are still some juicy AI code that is closed source...? And again, the data, the millions of miles...
It's almost as if we all participate to PacificaForums on a good faith basis, we all benefit from it as we are right now, and then suddenly when there is enough content, the owners close the forum, and sell the site to a car manufacturer for all the nuggets that are in there. I would feel meh about that...
81 - 83 of 83 Posts