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Satisfaction Level?

  • My PacHy has been rock solid. Love it!

    Votes: 14 82.4%
  • My PacHy has needed some minor maintenance, but no showstoppers.

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • My PacHy has been at the dealer multiple times and it's been ROUGH.

    Votes: 1 5.9%

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So the threads about issues with 2017 AND 2018 models still spook me a bit. I know the complainers will be more visible on online forums than satisfied people who are too busy enjoying it and living their lives. I get that.

I thought I'd do a poll to get a better idea of the overall consensus once and for all.

So, I'll keep it multiple choice (Answer, then explain why chose that answer):

A) My PacHy has been rock solid and I've had no issues thus far
B) My PacHy has needed some small maintenance that was no big deal. Overall, I'm happy.
C) My PacHy has had major issues that have required it to spend multiple days at the dealer

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Have had my 2018 limited ehybrid for a year now and zero issues . Have take. It all over the USA on many road trips . I reside in Toronto Canada and of my 22 thousand Kms on it have spent close to nothing on it charging compared to gas . I have a juicebox pro in garage and a ChargePoint I throw in back on some long road trips . Just came back from a trip to Florida keys and cost me all but 80 dollars ( 5 people and 2 Thule roof racks on the top ) . It’s performed flawlessly. I did purchase a 7 yr 160 000 mopar warranty thou upon purchase . Did I expect a few blips, yup, anything new and with vast amount of electronics indeed . So far my electricity to gas ratio is 80-20. Only thing I did was black it tiny wise, weather tech mats . 20 inch oem S package tires and rims . All I can say is “ it’s well worth it over the ice version . Happy motoring


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