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P0305 cylinder 5 misfire code

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Posting this here in case it helps anyone else out. But I also want to check whether I was ripped off. We have an extended warranty but are required to take the car to our non-preferred mechanic.

Our CEL came on with the P0305 code that cylinder 5 was misfiring. The mechanic wanted to change out two bad ignition coils and replace all spark plugs. In addition they recommended a fuel induction service to clean out the engine. I figured at 74,000 miles that wouldn't be a bad idea. Here was the cost:

DIAG $145
Ignition coils - Parts $170, Labor $319
Spark plugs - Parts $155.94, Labor $145
Fuel Induction service - Parts - $90 (fuel system cleaner), Labor $99

Total parts and labor was $1337. Thankfully warranty covered $471 of it. But that seems awfully high.
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Dropped the car off at the dealership this morning. The lady at the desk sighed the second I told her there was coolant in cylinder 5. She said this was the second one this month. I live in a pretty small rural town. I chuckled and said, well that's good since at least you'll know how to diagnose and fix it!

What is the latest in your case? I had the same code and my dealership is doing a teardown as soon as Chrysler approves the warranty work.
@jimbodude44 No update yet. I dropped the car off last week and they called me this past Monday to confirm who my extended warranty was through. I assume they were going to call them but I haven't heard anything yet.
Tomorrow is 2 weeks that mine has been at the dealership. I was told last week that the teardown would start on Friday or tomorrow and I should hear something by Wednesday. The rental car fees are killing us right now. Honestly thinking about buying a cheap car until the work is done, which could be another month+.
They started our teardown the week before last, and I still haven't heard anything. Thankfully we have a second car that we can use, but even it has its problems. We had to rent a car for a few days because that car needed to be in the shop. Not having the best of luck in cars today, but here's hoping this week we find out some progress.
Warranty company is now asking for all the records of my oil changes. I have a sickening feeling they are trying to get out this repair!
Warranty company is now asking for all the records of my oil changes. I have a sickening feeling they are trying to get out this repair!
Sorry to say, but I can think of no extended warranty that does not have a clause stipulating that the owner must be able to provide records showing regular maintenance was done on the vehicle.
Warranty company is now asking for all the records of my oil changes. I have a sickening feeling they are trying to get out this repair!
I had this done a few months ago. 2018 Limited with about 65k miles. Misfire P0303 code. Under warranty to 100k miles. I brought to dealership. They diagnosed the misfire as coolant leaking into cylinder by using bore scope to look into cylinder 3. They asked permission for tear down to further diagnose. They found engine oil sludgy and head gasket warped. Since under warranty with Chrysler, Chrysler sent their insurance adjuster/inspector and they did ask for documentation for past maintenance and oil changes. Per the owners manual, you can go up to 10k miles between oil changes using synthetic oil. So as long as you are not busting that, I think you should be good. My end result was Chrysler providing a whole new engine.
Thanks @mikepacificasandiego . We got the records and had oil changes every 9K miles except the last time. This past summer we changed the oil but went to 11K. We change the oil based on built in car indicator. I asked my wife (primary driver) if she remembers this indicator being on for weeks and neither of us think so. I know this means we went past our 10K rule but we do not think we would have ignored the change oil message for a month. No way. I know the oil monitoring system is based on duty cycle and we did take a trip during this past summer. Not sure if that has any bearing. Other oil changes were to spec though. Still waiting to see what happens.
Well, all's well that ends well, I guess. My Carmax Maxcare extended warranty agreed to cover the engine. They installed a brand new engine that now comes with a 3-year 100,000mi warranty. Ultimate diagnosis was a cracked engine block but they couldn't tell me what caused it or whether it was the same defect others have experienced. The car was officially in the shop for 54 days. Picked it up this afternoon.
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Very happy for you. (y) (y)
Well it's not over yet! We went to get the car, and no less than a mile from the dealership the check engine light started flickering and then came on. I pulled over and read the code and it was a P0300 random multiple cylinder misfires. Drove it right back to the dealer and told them it's not fixed. A brand new engine should not be misfiring. Did they even test drive the car?
Good luck. I hope they figure it out quick and that this is something simple related to the install.
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