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So let’s use this as an example with an electronic shifter and transmission . I if the battery dies you want the transmission to lock up to deter any movement ? , kinda strange because a battery can go bad anywhere . In a manual car you’d have to manually put into gear to negate movement , motorcycle as well . No power means no electronics , assists or safety features are present . If your house alarm fails and battery backup is dead you have no alarm , just saying . So if stellantis put code that when the battery goes dead to lockup the transmission , you’d grenade the internals and potentially die . So I think in hindsight common sense prevails for allowing any vehicle to have some kind of movement to get it out of harms way . So unfortunately you can’t have it both ways , and any vehicle has potential to move without power anywhere so bringing up scenarios like you have is complete conjecture .
You missed the boat, he is not suggesting the transmission should lock if the 12v dies. He is saying that a locked transmission should not unlock because the 12v dies.

I've personally always used the auto parking brake setting that engages with park. With my kids you never know, and these stories certainly confirms it's a good idea. I'm so sorry the OP had to go through this, hopefully more folks that have this happened file reports.
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