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So let’s use this as an example with an electronic shifter and transmission . I if the battery dies you want the transmission to lock up to deter any movement ? , kinda strange because a battery can go bad anywhere . In a manual car you’d have to manually put into gear to negate movement , motorcycle as well . No power means no electronics , assists or safety features are present . If your house alarm fails and battery backup is dead you have no alarm , just saying . So if stellantis put code that when the battery goes dead to lockup the transmission , you’d grenade the internals and potentially die . So I think in hindsight common sense prevails for allowing any vehicle to have some kind of movement to get it out of harms way . So unfortunately you can’t have it both ways , and any vehicle has potential to move without power anywhere so bringing up scenarios like you have is complete conjecture .
1 - 1 of 34 Posts