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Pacifica Hybrid Shipping Update from Chrysler I just received..

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I got an email forwarded to me today from my dealer via the Supply Chain Management Group of Chrysler for my Pacifica Hybrid that was supposed to be delivered today (that has been sitting at the rail yard in Memphis for almost two weeks) stating and I quote...

"We are still not building or shipping the Pacifica Hybrid. We have seen the shipping status update to "In Transit to Dealer" on some units. These are actually units being shipped back to Michigan for retrofit. There is no timing on when building/shipping will start again."

Anyone else getting this information? Thanks...
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There's an official recall now. Here are the details. It pretty much explains everything we've been seeing here on the forums.
That recall seems to only cover the Hybrid. There were gas models that also suffered from the same problem. What about those vehicles?
To rub salt in the wound, I just watched the movie "Bad Moms" and was shocked that the initial hero car was a Pacifica Hybrid. The movie was filmed in early 2016!!!
In that movie it is a gas model. Not the hybrid. :)
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