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I have a 2017 Touring L Plus w extended warranty [58k miles on it]
  • Paint:
    • the leading edges have paint bubbling in quite a few places; it got worst since I took these pictures
    • went to two dealers; the 1st have not done anything; never returned my calls; I had to go in person to be told out warranty; no rust on it and some other bs.[this took months] I just came from the 2nd one; they told me it is out of warranty; when i told them the paint has 5 years or 100k; they said they cannot to anything contact Chrysler. I believe the dealers are the rep of the factory; looks like when they cannot charge for it or it is complicated case they don't care.[Both located in the Dallas metro area]
  • Other issues:
    • The driver side sliding door reopens many times; it takes few attempts to close it
    • The lift gate stops sometimes after its opens up to about 1/3
    • The lift gate opens by touching the handle and in the same time alarm goes off
    • The speed warning is off, yet still announcing driving over the limit; many roads have outdated speed limits in the database [this is minor; just bugging me]


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