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2018 Pacifica Hybrid. I'm having trouble getting bluetooth sounds from my phone to interrupt the radio (is this even possible?). My phone is paired with the car (iPhone X). Calling works flawlessly. Siri works flawlesly. The problem is that all the normal phone sounds (mail notification, message notification, verbal guidance from the phone navigation app, etc), all disappear. They don't come out of the phone, and they don't interrupt the radio and come out of the car. They're just gone.

Now if I put the car into "Bluetooth Input" mode, I will get the phone sounds through the car, but I will not get the radio any more.

So I've basically got three options:
1. Unpair the phone. Now I get sounds through the phone, but I can't make calls through the car.
2. Pair the phone and stick the car into Bluetooth Input mode. Now I can make calls through the car and hear my phone sounds through the car, but I have to sit in silence for the whole trip because I can't turn on the radio.
3. Live without phone sounds and verbal guidance in navigation. Which means I'll constantly have to be looking my phone as I drive to know when to turn. I also won't have an audible indication of a mail or message showing up.

There's got to be a setting for this somewhere??? Help!

What I'd prefer is for sounds to come out of the car speaker and interrupt the radio (same as the verbal guidance from the built in navigation system). Second option would be to just have all the phone sounds stay in the phone, but still have calling integration with the car. Incidentally, my 2007 car didn't have the ability to stream through bluetooth, so pairing worked just as I described in "second option". All the phone sounds stayed in the phone; just calling integrated with the car. I figured getting something 11 years newer would be better. I guess that's not the case.
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