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I didn't see many posts or threads that would present this as an idea for charging at home. My other car is a Tesla Model S, so it made a lot of sense for us to just have a 240v outlet installed and utilize portable chargers instead of a hardwired station. Tesla uses one called a universal mobile charger (UMC), but I knew my Pacifica couldn't use it.

I took a hard look at the one offered by Clipper Creek. I also understood that a portable charger would not qualify for local rebates and incentives in my area (Southern California). But the convenience and lower installation costs (for the outlet, the chargers are simple plugins) outweighed anything else.

So in the end I bought one that was sold on Amazon, but realized the vendor had their own website. They're called Jekayla. I am by no means affiliated with them, but had good communication with them throughout the buying process. At the time it was cheaper to buy from them direct too. I think if you subscribe or sign up they'll offer a 20% discount too. Lastly I would be willing to ask them if they could do a group buy for the rest of you too.


Nothing really to say about the charger itself. The charge gun itself feels like cheap plastic (surprisingly not), but everything else feels durable and well made. I picked the 40A one just in case I use the Tesla J1772 adapter for my other car.

Take a look and hopefully others will comment on this alternative too.
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