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I had an interesting discussion on Facebook today. A man posted that his father works at the plant the builds the hybrid transmissions. He stated that all his overtime has been cut and production basically brought to a halt. I of course was worried about the order that I'm waiting on. This was his reply:

"...from what I understand, we have transmissions sitting but no cars, trucks, or vans to put them in. So, when an order comes in, they’ll take one off the shelves of them and fulfill the order"

"… customers orders are the only orders coming in right now, if that makes sense. Chrysler is more than willing to fulfill customer orders. However, dealerships also order their vehicles. And there’s no sense in them ordering 10 2018 or 19s if they’ve already got 40-60 2017s sitting on their lot. I hope that makes sense."

So, if you're waiting around for your ideal '19 to hit your local dealership, you might have to change gears and think about ordering one. That is, if you're able to wait the 2-3 months.

Also, I have no proof of any of this, its just a conversation from Facebook. When I was shopping, I was not seeing 2017's sitting anywhere. Not even that many '18's left. But maybe Chrysler is moving them around to the very large dealerships?
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