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Hi, All

My 2018 Hybrid Limited was in "turtle mode" on Nov 26, 2018. Just got it back today (Nov 27, 2018) one month exactly. (custom order, delivered in May.... 6000 miles)

The power inverter was the main reason cause the "turtle mode" in my case. the actual repair was done in a day once the part is in dealer's hand.

below is what is performed:
Replaced (One of the module) Power Inverter Module.
Cooling system for the inverter module
Check 12V system battery.
Recall U94
Inspect Cat. Converter with camera
Warning light check

I would say.... if parts availability is good.....maybe it is under a week repair. My dealer provide the rental the entire time, call me from time to time to let me know that they are working on locate the part from Chrysler, when it shipped, when parts arrived, and when they start the repair.

Hope Chrysler can really focus on what is happing to the Hybrid Pacifica, there are some of the known issues out there, if they fix it right.............. this is the best mini van out there IMHO.

and limited.... should come with HID or LED headlights and memory seats, folding mirrors. it is on other limited trim (like RAM), I just don't know the logic.

Wish every one happy with theirs...........
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