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Just posted this on another thread. If you haven't picked up your car yet, I created a list of most of the issues listed in the forum so that you may send to your dealership, so that they can check these before you receive your car. My sales manager said that the first time I go there, should be the last time I go, unless for regular maintenance. Please copy/add/edit for your needs.

***Vacuum hose not installed or clipped
***Driver window when it's down and push the button to go up, it starts going up, but when it's a quarter on the way up it goes back down (Solution was silicon lube on window)
***360 video camera either black or right side is black
***Top of Dash not fully glued, having to be replaced and reglued
***Glove box light switch not turning off
***Key fob didnt work properly and they put a new antenna in the car
***Rear running lights did not light up
***Sliding door sensor update so it won't crush anything in its path
***Service shifter message
***Parking break engaged itself after being out of the car with it off,
***the rear lift gate stayed stuck halfway open and wouldn't close using any method
***A/C compressor had to be replaced
***The driver side second row "easy enter" seat had to be replaced because of a malfunctioning lever
***The front wiring harness has been replaced,
***Sliding doors have been worked on due to a loud grinding noise
***The safety alarm for the lift gate has been replaced
*** Malfunction indicator light came on after starting the car = diagnosed as a cylinder 2 misfire. It may take a week or more to order the parts and fix it
***Message popped up across the instrument cluster saying SERVICE SHIFTER = electronic module has to be ordered for the shifter
***DVD player not working
***Easy exit seat issue: TWO Fixes: FSAR-58604 and SVCFLSH-5531
***UConnect Theatre software updates (2) Tech Service Bulletins (TSB)
There are currently several Technical Service Bulletins out regarding this concern, which include two software updates that have to be done consecutively. The TSBs that may be most relevant to the UConnect Theater concern are as follows:

NUMBER: 08-074-16 REV. A
GROUP: Electrical
DATE: October 15, 2016
Video Routing Module Enhancements For Rear Seat Entertainment System
A customer may experience one or more of the following:
-Remotes frequently do not pair and can accidentally control rear screens outside of
the parental control feature.
-Occasional reset.
-Black screen.

NUMBER: 08-081-16
GROUP: Electrical
DATE: October 15, 2016
RA3 And RA4 Radio Enhancements
Customers may experience one or more of the following issues with the rear entertainment
-Lock all is activated while not in the parental control feature.
-When in surround view camera, the touch coordinates are being sent to Video
Routing Module (VRM) and controlling the system with the Radio menu selected.
-Front Parental Control screen for rear seat displays bootup screen (penguins) during
a short ignition cycle or reset.
-While viewing the parental control screen on the radio, switching to surround view
camera and exiting the parental control summary screen will cause the screen to go
-Pre-condition: Radio screen on, no other media screens selected during key cycle,
Blu-ray in player.
-Condition: Press Media button and radio switches to RSE Parental Controls
Expected: Pressing Media brings you to the Media radio screen.
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