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Similar events unfolding for me too. Bought my 2018 60-days ago and the start/stop pretty much was always "charging" (worked a couple times after some 3 hr trips). Drove it 4 days ago and CEL came on with the message start/stop needs servicing. I went ahead and replaced the AUX14 battery for the ESS and pulled the CEL code at Autozone. Code was P0302 "Cylinder #2 misfire". The new battery didn't resolve the problem, still had a very rough idle, loss of power and CEL kept blinking. I took it to the Chevrolet dealer that sold me the van and holds a 90-day warranty. After they pulled the same code (and no further diagnosis), they said a Chrysler dealer needs to fix it. They're claiming it'll be covered by Chrysler's powertrain warranty, I reckon its ignition system related and want it repaired under the more comprehensive 90-day warranty.
Good luck with that fight. I'd make sure to insist the Chevrolet dealer handles it because its under their 90 day warranty. Dont let them pawn you off to Chrysler.

Also might be time to consider an extended chrysler warranty. :)
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