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ProClip is ready for Pacifica

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I just got the notification email from ProClip that they have the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica mount for their phone clips.

Go to this link: www.proclipusa.com

And paste in THIS part number into the search box:

I just placed my order. For those unfamiliar with ProClip, it's a 2-part order you place... you choose the holder based on YOUR device and needs, and then you choose a mount specific to your model/make/year vehicle and you mate them. Quality product.
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Anyone have pics of the proclip installed?

Also, I dont have my pacifica yet. I was wondering bout how far the reach is to the mount. can I sit with my back to the seat and reach it, or do I definitely have to lean forward/side to reach it
This went just went to the top of the active topics list and now I gotta have one - top of the wish list!

Lol, well while i was searching, I found another post

I cant post links, but in it, user irpilot used the proclip mount backing and did his own custom mount. I think i'd setup something a little differtne than that, but I think his general setup is sound. its worth a look

post was: "How do you mount your smartphone?"
I have the Pro clip and used a magnetic mount with it...works great and easy to see and reach.
Exactly what I was thinking about doing, Thanks
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