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Quality TPMS suggestion?

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Anyone have a suggestion for a quality TPMS that are cheaper than OEM for a 2022 Pacifica? Or should I stick with OEM? There are many options on eBay and elsewhere, but I don't want ones that are likely to fail and require replacement due to the nuisance and cost of remounting the tires. Are there aftermarket that work without programming?
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Have you tried eBay , mopar online parts cost ? . Just remember that frequency for the tpm sensors as well as battery life for mounting and dismounting when a sensor fails .
Current part number seems to be 68313387AC, but I assume the older AB version is probably OK too? AA version might be too old. I'm not sure many of those on eBay are actually OEM versus some kind of fake or generic being sold with an OEM part number. Anyone have a reliable source?

At what age is it good to replace the battery when mounting tires? Are these just button cells and easy to change?
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