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Quesiton about ICE kicking in. FORM?

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Hi all. I have had my 2022 Pacifica PHEV for a couple of months now. I was able to put over 1000 miles on the first tank of gas because the engine kicked in so little during my regular drives. And my commute is so short I could go about 4 days before I would have to plug in with the included L1 charger.

This morning, however, the ICE kicked in almost immediately. I filled the tank a couple of days ago, if that's relevant. Also, it was about 30 degrees F this morning - the first day snow stuck to the ground. The roads were a bit slick; maybe a bit icy.

This is my first PHEV so I'm still learning. Does the ICE kick on when it's cold just because it's cold? I didn't have the heater running. Does it kick on when the stability control detects icy conditions?

I've heard about Fuel and Oil Refresh Mode (FORM) on some PHEVs. I thought I was experiencing this in the past when I was getting close to the bottom of my last tank of gas. But since I just filled up, I didn't figure that's what was going on here.

Has anyone else experienced something similar with a newer Pacifica PHEV?
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My experience is that the ICE will turn on below ~30F even if the HVAC is off and the cabin has been pre-heated on L2 electric. (That is - the car thinks it's below ~30F - parking in a warmer garage will of course, prevent this).
This is not true in my 2022 - with cabin conditioning and no climate I have driven the van in weather well below 30°F without the ice coming on even when temps were at 0°. It is certainly more likely to engage ice however with any additional needs like climate controls or acceleration etc.
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