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Quesiton about ICE kicking in. FORM?

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Hi all. I have had my 2022 Pacifica PHEV for a couple of months now. I was able to put over 1000 miles on the first tank of gas because the engine kicked in so little during my regular drives. And my commute is so short I could go about 4 days before I would have to plug in with the included L1 charger.

This morning, however, the ICE kicked in almost immediately. I filled the tank a couple of days ago, if that's relevant. Also, it was about 30 degrees F this morning - the first day snow stuck to the ground. The roads were a bit slick; maybe a bit icy.

This is my first PHEV so I'm still learning. Does the ICE kick on when it's cold just because it's cold? I didn't have the heater running. Does it kick on when the stability control detects icy conditions?

I've heard about Fuel and Oil Refresh Mode (FORM) on some PHEVs. I thought I was experiencing this in the past when I was getting close to the bottom of my last tank of gas. But since I just filled up, I didn't figure that's what was going on here.

Has anyone else experienced something similar with a newer Pacifica PHEV?
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Oh, I should have called the post "ICE on the Ice?" !! oh well
The same thing happened to me both times it's been driven this week with the temps in the 30s here in Ohio. I don't recall such behavior last winter but maybe I'm simply forgetful.
I am also in Ohio. First meaningful frost of the year this morning and the city didn't salt anything. There were a couple of accidents I know about, but nothing serious. Curious to see how the winter progresses.
It was -18C / 0.5F this morning. I could have used some pre-conditioning for the Aspen. Pfft. The heated seat was just getting warm by the time I was at work.
Others have said that the trick is to warm it up while still plugged in. I don't have an L2 yet, so I haven't been able to try this yet.
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So the ICE kicks in depending on the HVAC temp that you're requesting, I can kick on ICE on demand if its below 40 degrees and you switch fan to high, just rotate the dial all the way to the right. But also if you're on Auto at 75 degrees for example and its cold outside then it will also kick in ICE to help heat up the coolant.
Okay, thank you. That lines up with my experience today. I wish there was a better explanation for why stuff was happening in the van's user interface.
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