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Quesiton about ICE kicking in. FORM?

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Hi all. I have had my 2022 Pacifica PHEV for a couple of months now. I was able to put over 1000 miles on the first tank of gas because the engine kicked in so little during my regular drives. And my commute is so short I could go about 4 days before I would have to plug in with the included L1 charger.

This morning, however, the ICE kicked in almost immediately. I filled the tank a couple of days ago, if that's relevant. Also, it was about 30 degrees F this morning - the first day snow stuck to the ground. The roads were a bit slick; maybe a bit icy.

This is my first PHEV so I'm still learning. Does the ICE kick on when it's cold just because it's cold? I didn't have the heater running. Does it kick on when the stability control detects icy conditions?

I've heard about Fuel and Oil Refresh Mode (FORM) on some PHEVs. I thought I was experiencing this in the past when I was getting close to the bottom of my last tank of gas. But since I just filled up, I didn't figure that's what was going on here.

Has anyone else experienced something similar with a newer Pacifica PHEV?
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My wife drives ours so I can't say whether the ICE has kicked in earlier/continually, but she did comment about how the expected electric miles dropped from the usual high 30s to high 20s and we were figuring it had something to do with the temperature drop.
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