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08-056-18 REV. A updated

Today a new Radio Enhancement bulletin has been released for 2018 Pacificas only.

Changes are in **’s - appears only a language option has been added but it may be worth posting anyway for the records.

RRT: 18-052
NUMBER: 08-035-19
GROUP: 08 - Electrical
DATE: April 16, 2019

Original here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vws5bqp6f1ne79e/April 15th 2018 Pacifica radio Enhancement.pdf?dl=0

This bulletin supersedes Service Bulletin 08-056-18 REV. A

Customers may experience one or more of the following:
Symptoms for UAR and UCR radios only:
• Anti-theft code request message.
• Backup camera screen is blank.
• Lines appear across screen.
• Radio control screen is blank or locked.
• Radio resets intermittently.
• Radio will not switch modes between AM, FM, SAT or Media.
• Poor BluetoothTsound quality.
• Phone pairing issues.
Symptoms for UAR, UCR, UGV, UDV and UKV radios:
• **Russian language missing (UGV only).**
• PHEV vehicles may intermittently not charge when using the scheduled charging feature
instead of “Charge Now” button.
• When shifting to reverse, the radio displays blue/black lines instead of the rear view camera
and is followed by a reset.
• Radio stays on with key ”OFF” and drains battery.
• Wi-Fi feature cannot be renewed after the trial period has expired.
• Radio reboots multiple times when a Samsung J-7Tphone is connected for charging only.
• Audio System starts up with the anti-theft screen.
• Radio processor freezes while the navigation screen is loading.
• Back-up camera remains live when shifted out of reverse beyond the intended delay feature.

This bulletin involves inspecting and if required, updating the radio software level to:
• **UGV - 21.9**
• UAR and UCR - 22.5
• UDV and UKV - 19.11
2018 (RU) Chrysler Pacifica
NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles within the following markets/countries: NAFTA, APAC
and EMEA.
NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with an Uconnect 4NAV With 8.4(Display
(Sales Codes UGV, UDV or UKV) or a Uconnect 4 With 8.4(Display (Sales Codes UAR
or UCR) with 760 Watt Amplifier (Sales Code RDH) or 506 Watt Amplifier (Sales Code

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Thanks for posting. Now if you could only get a hold of the download file 😁
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