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Rear Screen Control Change “The Service Is Not Currenlty Available…”

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So yet another unhappy surprise with my 2022 uConnect theater. Turned on the van today and went to start a show for my toddler in the back seat and I get an error on both rear TV controls saying “THIS SERVICE IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ON THE FRONT SEAT DISPLAYS”. This is while I am parked.

Not sure what service, I have always started Prime and picked a kids show for him to watch. Now it just won’t let me control it at all and this just happened today for me. Dealer is useless as usual. I swear I’ll never buy another Chrysler product after this lease is up, but does anyone else have this issue?

I am thinking if its just me then it is a van issue for the dealer, but I have a sneaking suspicion big brother thinks its dangerous and is stepping in to save lives.
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Same issue here. Took it to the dealer and they said i have to wait for an update. The rear screens update but then the front stop controlling the rear. update for front should be out by now. not sure what is taking so long. Dealer says they won't replace anything without an update. Any advise would be appreciated.
P.S befor anyone ask. I rebooted rear and main head units. Disconnected both batteries and tryed the lumbar support. I also get a message "Harman Bluetooth manager not supported".
I sent this to the manager at the dealership this morning. Maybe you can give it a try.

My screens are working this morning. I turned on the interior lights using the switch next to the headlights then started the car. Try that on yours leave the interior lights on with the switch on the side then start see if that helps.
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