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Recall - Improper Engine Restart May Cause Stall or Fire

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October 19, 2018 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 18V740000
Improper Engine Restart May Cause Stall or Fire

My car falls outside of this recall...just barely. BUT, my 2018 Pac. PHEV had the exact symptoms at 1000 miles on October 6 - car slowly came to a stop, no power and smelled like it was catching on fire. Towed to the dealer. November 1st, the dealer replaced my Catalytic Converter - it had failed - with no explanation of how it could have happened. I now find this recall and have filed a complaint with the NHTSA hoping to expand the recall. I'm still waiting for the $1260 the dealer owes me for car rental while in the shop 25 days - a rental they said they would reimburse me for.

If you have had a similar problem with your car, file a complaint by phone or on-line to make sure this dangerous problem gets addressed. Look up Chrysler Pacifica recalls on the NHTSA.GOV website.
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If you don't mind me asking, how did your car fall just outside of the recall? Do you know when the U73 recall update, presumably the cause of your failed catalytic converters, was performed on your car? I understood that to be the determiner of whether you need recall U94 or not. Do you have reason to think they're overlooking some cars with the faulty U73 update?
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