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Remote Start/Climate Control issue

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Since it has been getting colder I have found myself using the remote start feature a lot lately.
I have noticed the following issue happening with the Climate system.

I set the temperature to 74 degrees (Auto ON, Sync ON) and shut off the car. After I remote start the car I enter and check the climate screen. The drivers temperature is now showing 64, the passenger and rear are showing 74 (Auto, Sync ON). The car is blowing cold air on the driver side and hot air on the passenger side. If I touch the driver temperature up on screen button it jumps to 75.

This is only happening if I use the remote starter. If I start the car normally all the temperatures are set correctly on the climate screen.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
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My van also sets both temps to "Lo" when remote start is used. I was hoping there was a solution. It makes remote start not useful at all.
For the people who have this problem, does your AC work? Mine doesn't. I'm in Houston, so I actually need AC now. The strangest thing is that it's worked twice out of about 20 tries.

I've tried scheduling service in Houston but the place I bought it from says their service department is too busy to talk on the phone (!!!), and another place says it will be 24-48 hours after dropoff before they can even do an initial inspection because there are so many recalls right now.

I love the features of this thing, but this has been a terrible service experience. I've always owned Honda/Toyota/Lexus, and I guess this is what it's like to buy the least reliable car made. Not a good fit for the family vehicle.
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