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Hi All, My front right door lock actuator went out. The door is permanently frozen in the un-locked position. The fob, door button and manually moving the lock tab will not move the actuator.

I plan to install the replacement myself. Dorman Door Lock Actuator 931-901

I removed the door panel, wires, and physical linkages. I now have a black inner panel attached by several hex screws (roughly 10mm). I need to remove this assembly to access the actuator. I have been unable to locate instructions on a 2017, but the older vans leads me to believe I need to remove the window from the track in order to remove this assembly. I removed the 2 yellow caps, I removed the two 10mm screws, and tried to pull the blue brackets off the track, but the window still did not come free.

What step am I missing? Does anyone have instructions to replace the actuator?
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