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Road trip delayed

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Well was supposed to be on my short road trip already but the start/stop indicator light is on AGAIN. Was replaced the first time maybe a little over a year ago. :mad: Maybe it is time to start shopping for the new Sienna.



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Just like our Pacificas, we have a lot invested in our own physical bodies. When we aren’t well, we take ourselves to a doctor to try to figure out what is going on; and, hopefully, we are able to go home from that “service” visit with a “cure” which will correct the issue.
So we should expect the same when we take our vehicle to the “auto doctor”, who supposedly is the “expert”. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars on our Pacificas and deserve the same care and expertise from these “experts” as we do from our personal physicians. Would you not complain to him or her if that “expert” was unable to diagnose your issue? Would you not seek another doctor, especially if your life is on the line?
Have you been there, in either situation? Well, I have been in both situations. If I had remained with the “expert” who did not or could not fix my issue, I would not be here today.
So, continue to post about the personal issue(s) which you are having with your minivan. Perhaps someone will be able to guide you to that “cure” for which you have been looking.
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