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Roof Rack Dynamic vs. Static Load

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Hi there,

2017 Platinum edition PHEV Pacifica owner looking for some additional information on the factory roof rack cross bars, specifically around load weight.

We are considering the purchase of a roof top tent for a cross-country trip we are taking this summer. The tent we are evaluating is 135lbs when stowed, but obviously when you unpack the tent and put 3 people in it to sleep, we are going to be above 150lbs. The website that I've been looking at for these types of things talks about dynamic (when the vehicle is in motion) vs. static load (when the vehicle is parked) and that most racks are rated 10x the dynamic load (eg. 150lbs would be 1500lbs static load)

The owners manual states that the factory bars support up to a 150lb load that is evenly distributed across the rack. Does anyone know if this is the dynamic load? Anyone know what the actual static load is?
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