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Removed factory crossbars. Purchased two custom cut 44" long, .1875 (3/16") thick, 2.5" wide stainless steel sheared edge bars from Buymetal.com for about $47. Drilled three 9/32" holes on each bar to match the factory threaded holes on roof rails, used metric M6 stainless hex bolts to attach the SS bars to factory rails with three large fender washers to fill each gap between bars and factory holes. Purchased from RackAttack.com Thule Wing Evo 60" crossbars, Rapid Podium 460R Foot Pack, and 3113 Fit Kit. Used more SS metric M6 bolts, washers, lockwashers, nuts to mount Thule components to bars. Late in the process I discovered the 60" Thule crossbars required a 39" spread between the Foot Packs/towers but my setup was narrower at only 35-36". Faced with the choice of swapping out the 60" for 53" Wing Evo crossbars that would fit or modifying the 60", I decided on the latter and used a drill with cutting disc to extend the underside slots inward another 2.5".
The most difficult part of the project was accurately drilling the three holes in each bar to match the factory holes. I initially purchased narrower, thinner .125 x 2" bars and had to enlarge/redrill a hole or two. I decided to go with the wider and thicker bars and used the initial thinner/narrower bars as templates to mark the correct hole locations on the new bars, resulting in more accurate drilling. The factory roof rails are mirror images of each other so one bar can be drilled, flipped, and then used as a template on the other side. I ended up with only about a 27" spread between the crossbars but I was conservative on my hole locations, not wanting to conflict with the wider sections of the factory rails. I believe I can redrill and reposition the Thule components to get at least a 30-32" spread. Attached are a few pics of the work. You have to actually stand on something to see the modification, from normal viewing positions it is obscured by the factory trim pieces.
This is my first post and attempt to attach pics, I apologize for some double images.

20191210_182258.jpg 20191209_173030.jpg 20191209_212426.jpg 20191209_212808.jpg 20191209_173030.jpg 20191210_182125.jpg 20191210_182233.jpg 20191210_182258.jpg


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