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Roof rattle

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Anyone experience a significant rattle in their roof? Seems to be worse when air temp outside increases (90 + degrees). I cannot pinpoint source, but believe it's coming from the seam of panoramic roof above second row seat.

....frustrating...haven't even owned the thing for a month.
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A rattle can be a royal pain to track down. And in my experience when letting dealerships futz around trying to find rattles they end up creating more rattles. :(. Glad hey found the issue on your vehicle BigJoe and hopefully it turns out to be the same fix for Borotanker. The nylon washers were a good idea. Now cross fingers that it doesn't return.
If it is a known issue I wonder if there is a bulletin number or something that they are following to fix.
Since this appears to be a certain batch it would be great if those with the issue would post the first two digits of the last 5 of their vin to see if there is a grouping. Example 35123... Or 35xxx.

1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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