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Rough Idle - Hesitation on Acceleration

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Not sure if this is common with other people's Pacificas but ours seems to have a rough idle. It's not dramatic but it slightly shakes the van. Doesn't seem normal, especially for a modern vehicle. The 3.5 V6 in our last 2010 Toyota ran like a sewing machine. Didn't feel vehicle vibration at idle.

Also, on acceleration, low, moderate and high, there is a slight recurring hesitation on what seems like 3rd gear. I don't have a way to verify what gear it is in at that time but it always seems to be that same gear when I count the shifts. The engine seems to rev a bit higher on this gear than others under normal acceleration so it may be the engine, not the transmission. Almost feels like slipping or misfiring. I'm sure I'd have a Check Engine Light if it were misfires though.

Anyone else experience either such issues?
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I don't have the van yet but, does the active noise cancelation help the engine sound ant least from within the cabin?
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