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Rust on Rotors

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I’m very disappointed with my new Mopar Front Brake Rotors that my dealer installed to replace the original brake rotors that were on my van since new. Within a week, the hub portion and edges of the ventilation fins had developed a bright orange layer of rust. The service manager says it is “normal” and there is nothing they can do. My original rotors never did this and that is why I had the dealer do the work, so I would get factory parts. Now I find that all rotors are not the same. Some have anti corrosion coatings which would prevent this unsightly issue.
im considering replacing the brake rotors myself with a better brand. Soooo disappointed! Any suggestions on a better aftermarket replacement rotor?
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That is normal. My OEM factory rotors look the same. BTW all rotors in boxes come with anti-corrosion rosin coatings that have to be cleaned off the brake pad contact surfaces before installation. The rest of the rosin coating will burn off with heat. You could buy a set of rotors and have the non-contact brake pad areas powder coated it if bothers you.

Clean new brake rotors
I guess my assumptions were wrong.. I always thought dealers used OEM parts.. hence how expensive they always are. If they are using cheap parts and they are expensive I guess you are only paying for the "experienced" mechanic? I put that in quotes because I've seen a few "experienced" mechanics in my life and I've seen others who truly are 100% legit amazing mechanics. Paying for real experience is 100% worth it but paying for part changers is generally not..
On many occasions while at my dealer for software updates or oil changes I have seen Auto Zone, Napa Auto, and & O'Reilly's Auto Parts drivers pulling into the service area and dropping off ordered parts.

I think this is tacky to do this as I would only want OEM parts on my vehicle being replaced at a dealer. If I wanted aftermarket I would go to a local jake of all trades shop.
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