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Rust on Rotors

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I’m very disappointed with my new Mopar Front Brake Rotors that my dealer installed to replace the original brake rotors that were on my van since new. Within a week, the hub portion and edges of the ventilation fins had developed a bright orange layer of rust. The service manager says it is “normal” and there is nothing they can do. My original rotors never did this and that is why I had the dealer do the work, so I would get factory parts. Now I find that all rotors are not the same. Some have anti corrosion coatings which would prevent this unsightly issue.
im considering replacing the brake rotors myself with a better brand. Soooo disappointed! Any suggestions on a better aftermarket replacement rotor?
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Hello to all who posted. First, I am so appreciative of this forum. I looked at my invoice for the brake job from the dealership. The part number used for my rotors is in fact 2AMV9712-AA. The part number used for my pads is 2AM3163-AA. I am really surprised that the dealer would do this to me. I work with the service manager directly on my van. He knows how picky I am about it. I won’t even let them wash it! I specifically told him I wanted factory parts! I also told him we drive mountain roads when we travel to NE Georgia. I’m sure the AM in the part number refers to “aftermarket” …. (Magnetti Marelli)
It really upsets me that you can ask for oem and not be told there is a lesser version that they will use on your vehicle. They know I am not cheap and will gladly pay for the better ones. I showed the rust to the shop foreman, the service drive manager and the service manager and all told me it was normal and that you can’t get the same rotors that the factory puts on new vehicles. I suspected that was a line of Crap! Thanks to FreddieF73 for enlightening me to the difference between part numbers.
I will be having a discussion with the service manager and want the rotors and pads replaced with the better parts. I spent the weekend preparing for a similar discussion from the angle that the rust on the hats and cooling fins will reduce the rotors ability to dissipate heat. This is very important to me when we are coming down some of the steep mountain roads in Georgia. I was also looking at aftermarket “Power Stop” rotors and pads which may be an alternative if the dealership refuses to take these cheap parts back! I will update with the response/results of my discussion with the service manager.
Thank you all for the great information and support. I really appreciate it. 😃
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Update: The dealer didn’t challenge my findings- that they had used Magnetti Marelli pads rather than OEM. My research indicated that Mopar had “partnered” with Italian aftermarket manufacturer “Magnetti Marelli” to sell their products at CDJR dealerships under the Mopar brand. That’s why the dealerships can sell these as “factory Mopar” even though they are not.
The dealership replaced the rotors and pads with the
correct original parts bearing the correct part numbers.
Conclusion: verify the part numbers being used before you have the dealership perform a brake job.
the part numbers for both OEM and the Magnetti Marelli parts appear in previous post above.
Good luck.
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