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Rust on Rotors

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I’m very disappointed with my new Mopar Front Brake Rotors that my dealer installed to replace the original brake rotors that were on my van since new. Within a week, the hub portion and edges of the ventilation fins had developed a bright orange layer of rust. The service manager says it is “normal” and there is nothing they can do. My original rotors never did this and that is why I had the dealer do the work, so I would get factory parts. Now I find that all rotors are not the same. Some have anti corrosion coatings which would prevent this unsightly issue.
im considering replacing the brake rotors myself with a better brand. Soooo disappointed! Any suggestions on a better aftermarket replacement rotor?
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Почему не хотите поставить тормоза например от MAXBRAKES? пользуюсь такими и очень доволен
gamorg02 - excuse me, I wrote my post in Russian -:)))

but you understood me very well - that's very nice

I used MAXBRAKES pads and discs on my previous CHRYSLER GRAND VOYAGER 2014 and was satisfied, I put the same on the Racifica right away and they are doing great. There is a huge amount of salt in Moscow too - our road services are very fond of it. If you want, I can take pictures of the brakes and you can look at them.
gamorg02 - yes, I've been using them for years on various CHRYSLERs and DODGEs...
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