I have a brand new instrument cluster bezel & also the inner door handle bezels from a "S" package car.
(I used the VIN from a 2019 to order the parts)
They're silver.

My wife has a '21 Limited AWD and neither of us were fond of the wood grain, and so I bought these to replace it -- as those pieces are the only wood grains in the car.
Well, it's been winter & I haven't swapped them out and we're planning on getting rid of her van already. So we don't need them anymore.

Again, brand new & never used. The handle bezels are still sealed in their plastic bags actually.
The dash bezel will just snap right in.
The door bezels will require the door panel popped off & then there are a couple of screws on the back that hold the bezel to the door.

The driver door handle bezel is for a Pacifica with Memory Seats, btw.
Will fit 2017 - 2022's

Part number for the cluster bezel: 5RV701ZA-AD
Door handle bezels: 6FL37NZA-AA & 6FL32NZA-AA

I bought these new from the dealer, but I can't return them & they weren't exactly cheap.

Asking $225

3267B609-8D60-424F-AA4C-2A1EB7287428 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

5085A5DD-E768-4A1E-9749-CFA026E75828 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

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Bought to replace:
550F8E82-5A14-4511-9DE6-839EC1A1796F by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

21A54FD0-2ABF-49D0-848A-7B7A3A285532 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

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