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Strut Issues

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Hey everyone,

My 2020 is in the shop right now for the 3rd time in a year for the same problem - the infamous knocking/clunking sound in the driver’s side wheel well. I’ve had both driver and passenger struts replaced for this same noise on separate occasions (also a crunching/binding noise that developes over times, most noticeable with large speed bumps). Today, the dealership informed me that both struts need to be replaced AGAIN.

I have just over 22,000 miles on this van, so it’s really hard for me to understand what’s causing this. When asked about the cause, they claimed the parts to be faulty. Admittedly, the issues were resolved with replacement parts, but always come back over time. I’m not so sure this is a parts issue as it may be a design/installation issue. I’m a single dad in the military and I bought this vehicle new because I thought it would be more reliable. I was unfortunately wrong about that. Now I’l am really concerned about what happens after my warranty is up - do I really have to replace struts after 10k miles because of poor quality OEM equipment?
Has anyone dealt with this reoccurring issue? Is the problem actually faulty OEM equipment or do some vans have a design issue that causes this?
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Most struts go bad either thru vibration due to road surface , struts do leak thou . But vast reason they go bad is driving style , hard braking , aggressive driving style / habits . Due noted that this vehicle is friend end loaded , have you searched for other forum members having same issue .
Yes, I’ve done plenty of reading on the matter, but it doesn’t appear as though you understand my questions.
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I went through that on the driver's side of my 2018. They wasted time and parts when it was the lower control arm that needed to be replaced.
I have read that amongst other things as well. Was there something that indicated the necessity for its replacement? Drives and feels great after a new strut, but eventually ends up with the same issue. I wonder if there is another suspension component causing the struts to wear prematurely, like you mentioned.
Well, the dealer replaced both front struts and strut mounts. I picked it up a week ago and although the clunking sound is gone, the crunching/binding sound has already come back when the suspension is under load. This has happened the last two times where eventually the clunking will return. It feels and sounds like something is wrong already. @ChryslerCares the rep that contacted me said the next step would be to get a corporate technician involved. Is that something you can help with? They also informed me of extending my warranty, but have not received any documentation of it despite having asked twice now.
Fyi... the "fix" for my 2017 Pacifica, with 50k miles, was to replace [just] the mount for the Left-front strut. Loud "popping sound" was immediately resolved. So, i guess time will tell whether this is/was a permanent resolution, and whether the Right-front mount will also need to be replaced or whether other components, such as the strut or bushings, may also need to be replaced!
I'm still convinced that there is something causing these to wear out. The 17s have a TSB for the strut mounts being worn out and the extra play causing the knocking sounds. I find it hard to believe I've had 7 bad struts on my van within 24000 miles. I'm taking mine in again tomorrow morning and sending Chrysler a notice letter regarding the Texas Lemon Law. No one at the dealership has the knowledge to recognize and understand more than "this strut is bad, we must replace it." I really hope they get someone who possesses the ability to identify the underlying issue. To this day, no one at the dealership has been able to communicate to me exactly why I have the knocking. For what it's worth, one of the technicians wanted to debate the difference between "knocking" and "clunking." I just want my van fixed and they wanted to play semantics :LOL:
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For anyone who’s curious, here’s a video of the noises I’m having a week after new struts and mounts we’re installed. This is always a precursor to the knocking.

The dealer spent the day looking at it and believe it sounds like a bad strut (you know, the brand new one they just put on there 2-3 weeks ago). They can't find anything that is obviously wrong. I still have no answer while they have 2-3 technicians looking at it. Received a phone call from a DMV Lemon Law investigator who is getting the ball rolling on that end. A STAR case (is that what it's called?) was supposed to be started this week on it to involve a corporate technician, but that apparently never happened. Will see what's next I guess! Picking it up tomorrow since I'm traveling out of town with the family.
Sounds like bushings and they have techs lacking experience. The bushing will also quiet when it gets colder and start making noise again when it gets warmer or heat from the engine bay warms them causing the parts to expand.

I had a vehicle the was silent in the winter but in the summer at 70F+ started creaking. 100F+ sounded like the Titanic, would turn heads in parking lots going over speed bumps.

Tell them to try soaking down the sway bar and control arm bushing with silicone spray and use the spray straw to try to force it in the center of them.
I did let them know about this! I thought mine actually faired better in warmer weather. It seems like it’s colder temps that started causing my issues.

Picked it back up from the dealer and, after starting a STAR case, they are now going to replace the entire front end suspension bilaterally. Upper and lower control arms, sway bars, and… new struts. Hilarious to think this will be the 4th set of struts this van has been through. I’m making Chrysler this dealerships biggest customer 😂 Who knows… maybe they feel a bit more motivated after the state investigator reaches out to them.
Had to replace struts and bushings. So EXPEnsive for a “wear” item. I don’t want to drag my dealer about the cost, but let’s say it is 10% of purchase value of my vehicle.

Our city is under construction and a pothole nightmare. but this is absolutely a product failure. 2020 w/ 58000 miles.

Passenger side had a hard clunk sounds like a wheel was gonna fall off at low speed bumps. Drove fine, cornered fine, stopped fine. But there was a clunk suspension sound from passenger side instead of proper recoil on bumps— that sound was not tolerable and came out of nowhere.

Once replaced, car handles better than ever, very smooth. steering wheel seems to turn with less resistane, it sits about an inch higher I think at first. I call bullshit on quality of strut assembly.
My van started having this issue at 1000 miles… Now at 25k and it’s in the shop right now in their final repair attempt. Thanks TX lemon law!
Got the van back today - new lower control arms and sway bar. No noises. Let’s see if it lasts!

So glad to be out of my Fiat 500x rental. That was terrible. Things literally fell apart on that thing. The plastic trim on the back of the steering whee flew off while I was turning in my neighborhood a couple of times. Thing only had 6k miles on it lol.
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7 days after the 4th repair and it's back. This has been such a headache. I've spent an insane amount of time on this and I decided to sell it today. Loved using van and will miss it! Well... The good parts.
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