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Strut Issues

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Hey everyone,

My 2020 is in the shop right now for the 3rd time in a year for the same problem - the infamous knocking/clunking sound in the driver’s side wheel well. I’ve had both driver and passenger struts replaced for this same noise on separate occasions (also a crunching/binding noise that developes over times, most noticeable with large speed bumps). Today, the dealership informed me that both struts need to be replaced AGAIN.

I have just over 22,000 miles on this van, so it’s really hard for me to understand what’s causing this. When asked about the cause, they claimed the parts to be faulty. Admittedly, the issues were resolved with replacement parts, but always come back over time. I’m not so sure this is a parts issue as it may be a design/installation issue. I’m a single dad in the military and I bought this vehicle new because I thought it would be more reliable. I was unfortunately wrong about that. Now I’l am really concerned about what happens after my warranty is up - do I really have to replace struts after 10k miles because of poor quality OEM equipment?
Has anyone dealt with this reoccurring issue? Is the problem actually faulty OEM equipment or do some vans have a design issue that causes this?
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Sorry to hear it ended this way.

I noticed noises from my 2021 pacifica the day I picked it up brand new from the dealer. I couldn't believe there wasn't better quality control from the factory. Thankfully, my issue was resolved with a big bad attitude from myself and a bunch of new parts.

Originally, I wanted a Toyota for this very reason.

But I do agree that a well-functioning Pacifica is a great van.

7 days after the 4th repair and it's back. This has been such a headache. I've spent an insane amount of time on this and I decided to sell it today. Loved using van and will miss it! Well... The good parts.
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