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Strut Issues

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Hey everyone,

My 2020 is in the shop right now for the 3rd time in a year for the same problem - the infamous knocking/clunking sound in the driver’s side wheel well. I’ve had both driver and passenger struts replaced for this same noise on separate occasions (also a crunching/binding noise that developes over times, most noticeable with large speed bumps). Today, the dealership informed me that both struts need to be replaced AGAIN.

I have just over 22,000 miles on this van, so it’s really hard for me to understand what’s causing this. When asked about the cause, they claimed the parts to be faulty. Admittedly, the issues were resolved with replacement parts, but always come back over time. I’m not so sure this is a parts issue as it may be a design/installation issue. I’m a single dad in the military and I bought this vehicle new because I thought it would be more reliable. I was unfortunately wrong about that. Now I’l am really concerned about what happens after my warranty is up - do I really have to replace struts after 10k miles because of poor quality OEM equipment?
Has anyone dealt with this reoccurring issue? Is the problem actually faulty OEM equipment or do some vans have a design issue that causes this?
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I have the exact same issue described in this thread with a 2021 Pacifica Touring L Plus (Canada). It started around 28K miles and I have taken it to the dealership three times and also told them how so many people on the forums have this problem and many of them found it to be the struts. But the dealership won't do anything unless they personally hear the noise themselves. By the time I get to the dealership each time, the noise has stopped and they refuse to check the struts. It is very frustrating that the dealership is avoiding their responsibility to fix a known issue that people have been writing about for a decade online.

Here's a video of the sounds my car makes. I have shown the video to the dealership but they say that it means nothing and they can't do anything until they hear it themselves:

I just got mine back and the dealer says it needs a new rack and pinion at 43k. It’s has the CPO warranty but it’s not covered. Went bad 6 days after the CPO 90 day Bumper to Bumper warranty ended. I was sold a vehicle that I paid extra for because it was Certified by Chrysler, supposedly inspected out the wazoo. 1k miles later that inspection was obviously worthless. Chrysler Cares should change to their true name Chrysler doesn’t give a chit. I’ve reported them to the NHTSA as they don’t seem to care. My steering wheel has now locked into place while turning a corner twice. They don’t care. If you Google Chrysler Pacifica Rack and Pinion Issues, you will see that this is happening to a lot of people. “Chrysler Cares” state they will deal with it once NHTSA tells them to do so. So basically, people need to be hurt or die in a crash before Chrysler will get involved. First and last Chrysler for me.
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