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Tailgate in Garage

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Can someone answer this question for me: we are probably going to pull the trigger on a Pacifica limited tomorrow. I currently drive a suburban and on top of it just being too big and cumbersome, I hate that I can't open the tailgate to unload groceries while parked
In the garage. Will I be able to do this with the Pacifica? I'm trying really hard to find the right vehicle for our family of two small boys and hoping the Pacifica is it!
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I had same question. Our Nissan Quest rear gate could open without problem since it was a shorter vehicle . . even had room to pull forward enough to open rear gate with garage door down. Sweet! Kinda spoiled by that because I'm bummed that our Limited (got on Thursday) can't do that - not if we want to get past the front of the van in the garage. I made a measurement on the lot and the gate seemed to need 83" height when open. And it won't always work to back into the garage since the view through the back camera goes black during daylight (light level set by the front view camera, as discussed elsewhere here on the forum). So it looks like we will only be able to open the rear gate when the garage door is open. Our rear gate barely, I mean barely, misses the underside of our garage door "jamb" so we sacrificed about 6" of room in the front and pulled in further. I now have about 4" of clearance from the highest point of the opened gate (which, by the way, is the wiper arm).

Initially, the gate could not be allowed to open while parked in the garage due to the overhead garage door (really got a sick feeling in my stomach when I saw that upon bringing the vehicle home!), but thankfully I fixed that by adjusting the garage door "travel" - allowing it to open more fully and thus clear more of the curved section of track, raising the height of the garage door.
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it's pretty shitty that Chrysler can't include a feature that was available on my 10 year older premium SUV, and the Kia Sedona.
Agreed! :|
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