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Tailgate in Garage

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Can someone answer this question for me: we are probably going to pull the trigger on a Pacifica limited tomorrow. I currently drive a suburban and on top of it just being too big and cumbersome, I hate that I can't open the tailgate to unload groceries while parked
In the garage. Will I be able to do this with the Pacifica? I'm trying really hard to find the right vehicle for our family of two small boys and hoping the Pacifica is it!
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Press and hold the release button on the tailgate. It will start to lift, but then it will stop and allow you to manually lift it the rest of the way. Pushing the interior button (near the D pillar) when you're done will lower the tailgate like usual.
Confirmed! This solves a LOT of problems. Thanks for the info as this is the first time a solution for this has been provided (I think).
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