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Tailgate in Garage

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Can someone answer this question for me: we are probably going to pull the trigger on a Pacifica limited tomorrow. I currently drive a suburban and on top of it just being too big and cumbersome, I hate that I can't open the tailgate to unload groceries while parked
In the garage. Will I be able to do this with the Pacifica? I'm trying really hard to find the right vehicle for our family of two small boys and hoping the Pacifica is it!
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Has anyone found a way to make the automatic liftgate operate manually?
I can turn off the automatic side passenger doors, why not the liftgate?
My parking space in in a condo parking stall and there is an overhanging stucco covered beam which is too low for the liftgate to open fully. I have to park half-way in just to open it, close it, then park all the way in. Big hassle for people that don't have mansion sized garages.
Thanks! That works fine! There was no clue to that feature in the owners manual.
Yes, you need to manually stop it from lifting up due to the strut springs putting pressure on it.
I would have to put foam on the top to stop it from hitting the window and slow its ascent manually. I am not sure if the back window glass would be a safe place to take the pressure, there is no other place to use.
It still would have been better to also incoroporate a height limiter with it.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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