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Hi all, 2018 Pacifica Touring L (gas) here. Question about forward-facing convertible car seats in the third row. I have one on the driver's side and one on the passenger's side, with the lower part of each car seat installed via the vehicle's seat belt, and then the top part tethered to the LATCH hook on the back of each vehicle seat. So far so good. However, for the car seat on the driver's side, when the vehicle seat belt is nice and tight (as it should be), it really pulls up the vehicle seat belt buckle in a way that also pulls up the loose leather at the seat. See the yellow highlighted circle in my picture.

Does anyone else have this issue? Is this okay for the leather upholstery? The leather seems strained, and I'm wondering if it will stretch or wear out over time. Though it's not like I can loosen the vehicle seat belt at all or else that will lead to a looser car seat. Any thoughts appreciated.


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