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Huntington Beach is advertising $10,755 off MSRP for the Touring-L Plus. Be prepared for serious hard sells for add ons like warranty, service plans, and nitrofill. Politely say "No thanks" and get the advertised price. Also be sure to opt out of the $250 "no hassle return" option.

They may try to strong arm you into accepting nitrofill at almost $200, but remind them it's optional. Doesn't matter if the tires are already filled with nitrogen. Worst case, demand that the GM tell you it's mandatory. But I doubt it would come to that. FYI- The loan paper work will explicitly list the Nitrofill as OPTIONAL. Point that out if need be.

Sams $1000 TDM should add another $500 off the advertised price. They likely already include a $500 TDM in their advertised price, so the Sams will wipe that out. But $1000 is better than $500, so do it. Also get another $500 off by accepting whatever terrible rate Chrysler Capital requires to get the rebate, then refi immediately. They'll tell you they want 4 mo of payments, because Chrysler Capital will claw back that $500 rebate from the dealer, but you can pay it off immediately or refi with no penalty.

Good luck. $11755 off MSRP is worth the hassle IMO.
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