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Trailer Tow group.

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I've noted that some of the new Pacificas are optioned as Trailer Tow group. It says that the suspension is different. How different is it? Is it softer or firmer / sportier? Can someone help me out please. Thanks.
P.S. I have no plans to tow anything.
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I'm thinking of a hitch for a bike rack and a hitch mount cargo carrier. I will never tow anything. Would the use of a hitch (for bikes and cargo) in any way void the transmission warranty? I know for towing, certain things are required like a transmission cooler etc. but would the mere presence of a hitch affect transmission or engine warranty coverage. Any thoughts ChryslerCares?
Quite a bit of discussion on this for the hybrid which prohibits towing. The conclusion was that simply adding a hitch does not void the warranty. For those with a hybrid, not adding any wiring harness will clearly indicate the hitch is not for towing. For the gas model, there is no requirement for a transmission cooler but, without the factory installed tow package, the maximum trailer weight is 1500 pounds.
Thanks for that comprehensive and cogent reply. Very helpful. I run hitches on all my vans and especially SUVs with tiny room behind the 3rd row. This eases my mind and it's just something I only considered with this car. I used to use roof top carriers and went to a rear cargo hitch carrier for ease of use, loading, and MPGs. I prefer not to have cargo inside where people are in case of a crash. I had a Saab 9-3 wagon and the owner's manual stressed tying down all cargo because 50 pounds at 35 MPH hits the back of your head with a equivalent force of 2200 pounds.
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