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Transmission Slipping?

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Hi all,

2018 Touring L Plus. 55kish miles.

Bought the car used in Feb 2021 from Carvana. We've got about 4 months left in our power train warranty. According to the NHTSA and SaferCar websites, a VIN search says I have no open recalls.

I've experienced a occasional issues with the transmission engaging roughly since we've owned it. Sometimes it's a pretty distinct sounding/feeling clunk when putting it into drive. Sometimes the car kind of lurches roughly forward. It's infrequent and inconsistent though. Haven't figured out a way to replicate.

That said, shortly ago today had a more serious issue promoting this post. From a full stop, as I was negotiating a left hand turn at a light, the car stopped accelerating halfway through the turn. Engine was still turning. Only lasted 2-3 seconds, but noticable enough to be concerning. Things seemed to reengage normally and smoothly before I was all the way around.

I want to get this inspected by the dealer, but it's infrequent enough I doubt I'll be able to directly demonstrate a problem.

Couple of question I guess...

One, is there a database somewhere showing when/where recall work was completed?

What can I do to "prove" the issue, or at least narrow down a potential inspection issue for them?

Is there any effective way I can test for issues?

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And no transmission dipstick to even check it. I know they claim "Lifetime Transmission Fluid" but I'm still going to have it changed around 50,000 miles.
Just because if you have the lifetime powertrain warranty that opening up the tranny will result in a void warranty , hence why it’s a sealed unit and any faulty units are entirely replaced and shipped back to corp .
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