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Hi All

We put our 3 kids in the 3rd row and leave the 2nd row in the floor. We (so far) have left the 8th seat in the middle, although we are not adverse to removing it if necessary.

Living in Canada, and getting ready for ski season, we are looking for a Tray (ie WeatherTech / Husky / etc) or Mat that can cover entire space from behind the front seats to EITHER
  • just in front of the 3rd row, OR
  • all the way to the rear door.
If I can find something that fits the whole space, I'm happy to make incisions for the 8th seat and/or 3rd row seats as necessary.

I've found a "liner" from Mopar (can't post URL's yet), but it looks too flimsy for a winter season of snow, slush, salt, sand, dirt, ski boots, and kids.

The All weather Slush Mats from Mopar look great, but they come with cut outs for the 2nd row (no good as ours are in the floor) and a walking path to the third row (where our 8th seat is). Ironically almost exactly the opposite of what we need!

Anyone else found anything? Suggest anything?

Thanks in advance,

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I have the Mopar Cargo Area Liner that you mentioned. It's a great fit when all seats are down, and it folds up into a pretty small carrying case that's included. But, like you said, it's vinyl not rubber so it may not be as heavy duty as what you need. It would do a good job protecting the carpets, but wouldn't hold a bunch of water or anything. It's almost like putting down a custom fitted blanket.
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