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UAW: Fiat Chrysler employee who tested positive for COVID-19 dies 😢

The UAW said that two members of the FCA family have passed due to COVID-19. One at FCA Kokomo, IN and the other at FCA Sterling Heights.


Tom Hanks and Wife got infected by checking into a hotel room the previous guest checked out of two days prior and later tested positive. The hotel removed and destroyed all furniture in the room after finding the virus on most every surface.

CDC: Coronavirus stayed on Diamond Princess cruise 17 days after passengers disembark

How did it spread through cruise ships? Cruise ship HAVC system recycles air.

Coronavirus: COVID-19 samples found in isolation room air vents

Yes, coronavirus is airborne and a new study proves it

Coronavirus Can Survive in Air for 3 Hours

Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. (You only need to breathe to spread it)

Interactive map.
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Live real-time data feed.
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