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Uconnect Autoplay?

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I filled a hard drive full of media for the rear entertainment. (got the hard drive formatted and all videos playable thanks to this forum!!! :laugh: )

However, I created some subfolders to keep a few of the kid's cartoons organized (TV Shows and Movies). But one of the shows is 11 3-minute episodes, and I'm constantly having to go through the menus and find the folder to start the next one. Kids are still too little to understand how to navigate the menus themselves, so I do it from the front passenger seat.

Is there an option to 'Autoplay' or start the next video in a list? Is this just wishful thinking? Seems like a no-brainer to be an option.

Thank you, almighty owner's forum!
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So, I don't know if you're using a Mac, but if yes there is an easy way to combine all those short 3-minute episodes into one file with the provided QuickTime player. I can't yet post links, but Google "Join Movie Clips Together with QuickTime Player for Mac" and you'll find a tutorial on it.

In terms of auto-play controls/settings, there doesn't seem to be much for this in general. It's funny you bring it up, because we were wanting to ability to disable auto-play on DVD/BluRay. Reason being is that if a DVD was left in, our kids would jump in the back, throw on headphones and become dead to the world (the moment they got in the van). Would really appreciate having it reversed to where it does not auto-play/resume by default.
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