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UConnect file sources

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I purchased my Pacifica about a month ago. I am extremely frustrated with the UConnect Theater package. With my prior vehicle, I had an iPad attached to the back seat headrest for my daughter to watch (primarily Mickey Mouse Clubhouse -- her fav). Almost all of my content is through iTunes, but I do have some through Google Play, and I'm also willing to purchase from other sources as she's thoroughly watched our existing content.

I was attracted by the advertised ease of use for UConnect Theater -- simply plug in your phone, tablet, or use a flash drive, etc, and watch all of your content. I've quickly realized that is not so.

I have contacted Chrysler/UConnect/Mopar three separate times, and all they will tell me is that .mp4 and .aav are the only file types supported. However, they cannot tell me where to legally acquire digital copies of children's cartoons so that I can use the UConnect theater system as advertised -- by plugging in my phone or flash drive.

I've found the thread on here where users have given some advice on adapters, mirroring, converting files, etc. But it all seems fairly complicated. I just spent an hour trying to configure my Chromcast and it seems I'll have to use my phone as a hotspot while driving in order to use that option. I'll have to play around with that more tomorrow.

I'm not technologically illiterate, but I'm also not nearly as savvy as some of the users on this forum. I find it infuriating that this system cannot be used as advertised without some crazy technological gymnastics. Why would UConnect/Chrysler install a system that only supports digital file sources that apparently cannot be legally purchased or downloaded anywhere on the internet? One rep actually advised me to illegally download my content from some website that didn't even have any Disney shows. Most other mom's I know with Minivans purchase their kids cartoons from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. What does Chyrsler expect most of their customer base to do, who are not going to be purchasing special cords or download special conversion equipment in order to play their kids cartoons in the minivan?

I'm seriously about to strap my iPad to the front of this UConnect screen just so my kid can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in my brand new Pacifica with a $2,000 UConnect Theater system.

Do any of you have any advice on where to legally acquire kids programing in a .mp4 or .aav format?
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Do any of you have any advice on where to legally acquire kids programing in a .mp4 or .aav format?
Your best bet would be to plug your iPad or phone in via HDMI. Then you should be able to play your iTunes content on the screens. You'll need to pick up a Lightning to HDMI adapter if you don't already have one. I'd also recommend using an HDMI cable with a right angle end so that it's not sticking out as far from the seat when it's plugged in.

Lightning Digital AV Adapter - Lightning to HDMI - Apple
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I use the HDMI, I connect it in the back next to the screen. And then I would place my iPad in the pouch behind the seat. While content from the iPad mirrors on the screen. By doing this, I won't be able to control the programing from the driver's seat. Why would I just not use the iPad? What benefit do I gain by paying $50 for this cord only to connect my iPad to the screen and play content the exact same way I would from the iPad itself?
Just use a 6 foot HDMI cable and keep the iPad in the front seat with you so you can control it. You could just mount the iPad directly to a headrest, but then you wouldn't be able to control it from the front seat.
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Thanks! Do you know of any way to actually legally obtain/purchase and play a .mp4 or .aav files? Does anyone actually play .mp4 or .aav files on their UConnect theater system? If so, where do those people get the content? I just find it strange that those are the supported file types intended to be used in the system, but I cannot purchase or otherwise easily acquire those file types.
I have a 128GB low profile flash drive plugged in all the time that's loaded up with TV shows and movies. Uconnect Theater supports most file formats including mp4, avi, and mkv files. I rip the movies from DVDs and Blu-ray Discs that I purchased legally and I transfer the TV Shows from my TiVo.

I've played DVDs and Blu-rays in the car as well, but I find it easier to play from USB than deal with the previews and menus on most discs.
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Yes! I have a DVD in now and it is not an acceptable. Every time I restart the car it goes through the previews and the menu. Super annoying and definitley will not continue to play the DVDs.
It seems to depend on the disc. Some will resume where they left off, but some are authored with resume disabled for some odd reason. Even if you play a move from USB, if you leave the car for a while, the movie will start over. I wish it was smart enough to always just save the position information so that it could always resume.
What process do you use to get the files from your Tivo to the thumb drive in .mp4 format?
There are several programs that will do it, but I use KMTTG. You can select all the TV shows you want and have them transferred to your computer and converted to mp4 in one step.

I just want to play Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my UConnect Theater screens.
The best scenario would be if you could just plug the iPad into the USB port and select the video content from it directly through Uconnect. That's how it works with music, but unfortunately, I don't believe that Apple allows that functionality for video.
My oldest is 2, so I've set him up with headphones, turned on the blu-ray, and drove off....then about 10 minutes later I've realized he's still staring at the menu
Ha! Well, if he doesn't complain I guess he doesn't mind the menu! I'm impressed that he keeps the headphones on. My 2 year old won't wear them for more than a few minutes, and at $100 replacement cost I'd rather not have him destroy them. We use an amplified speaker in his lap on trips so we don't all have to listen to Finding Nemo for the 87th time.
I'm in the same boat. I still have my old 2009 Macbook pro that I've used for it's optical disc function. It's quite the pain when you need the function for sure.... but hey, that's Apple for you
It's not just Apple. It's the trend with most manufacturers. I use one like this with my iMac. Works great.

I once had a Humax TiVo box with built-in DVD recorder.
I had one of those too! I also had a Pioneer version that did the same thing. Ah, the good old days.

Some of the decisions made by the studios authoring discs drive me nuts. When you own the disc and your kids watch it hundreds of times, the non-skippable previews get old really fast. And why would they ever want to disable the resume functionality? Probably to force you back into the previews.
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General, may I ask where is it plugged? At one of the seats, or the front at the USB port that says REAR?

Also have we settled for 128Gb , NTFS, 4Gb file, are the maximum limits for the uconnect system?
The ONLY place you can plug in a USB drive with video is the front USB port that says "Rear". The USB ports on the backs of the seats are for charging only.

I haven't tried a flash drive bigger than 128GB, but I can confirm that 128GB or smaller works fine. FAT32 and NTFS both work. I use FAT32 because it's easier to use from a Mac. I haven't tried any files bigger than 4GB, but that's because that's the max file size for FAT32. Bigger files may work with NTFS, but I haven't tried it.
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Still stuck on reading USB. I put one file on the drive just to test it. Ripped a 1080 movie to 720 using an mp4 profile on handbrake. Still no luck. Should I convert it again using subler? Tried 3 different USBs. Frustrating.
Handbrake has worked fine for me. What file system are the USB drives formatted with? Just for the heck of it, put a standard MP3 audio file on the flash drive and see if Uconnect Theater can read that.
OK took my own advice and tried yet another USB drive and its working. Samsung 128, Lexar 128 not working. SanDisk 32 is working. So I'll try a larger version of Sandisk.
Somebody mentioned on here somewhere that they discovered some flash drives can be pushed into the USB port a little too far, which makes the contacts lose connection. Try pulling the drive out a bit and see if that has any effect.
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