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Just wanted to relay my recent experience when I had both of my headphones repaired via the Aptiv Headphone Warranty as a result of the broken battery latch.

For those with an active warranty - here are the steps:
Send an e-mail to [email protected] asking them for warranty service on your headphones.
They will respond with questions and two options:

1. Verify the headphones have Uconnect written on the side of them (design of the picture attached)
2. Shipping Address
3. Phone Number
4. Confirmation that your Chrysler Pacifica Model has dual screens
5. Full VIN of the vehicle
6. Owner name

Option 1:
They send you a pre-paid shipping label, you box up the headphones securely, and ship it to them.
They repair them and ship them back (in the same box and using the same packing material).

Option 2:
They provide you the instructions for repairing it yourself (you will need a T6 bit screw driver) and ship you the replacement battery doors.
1. Remove the speaker cover (ear foam piece)
2. Use a T6 bit screw driver* to remove the 3 screws
3. Wedge the two cabinet pieces apart
4. Slide battery door out
5. Hook new door back on
6. Close the compartments (you will hear a snap)
7. Put screws back in
8. Replace the ear foam piece and ensure the tabs align

The main difference with the two options was time.
Option 1 could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on inventory levels at the time.
Option 2 will take 2-5 business days depending on when they ship and you receive the parts.

Comments on actual experience:
I e-mailed on a Saturday morning to start the process, selected option 1, and received my repaired headphones 13 days later.
My regular Mopar warranty expired, but I did have an active extended Mopar (7 yrs/75K) - no issues.
I shipped the headphones as they were: batteries held in place by clear packing tape.
They returned the headphones in the same box, using the same packing material, but kept the batteries.
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