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Hello newbie here looking at the pacifica, i have a question regardign the uconnect added software nav, do i need the subscription in order to use the nav? is the nav running off my phone? do i loose the nav when i dont have signal on my phone? can you add apps to uconnect when subscribed? and what do you loose if you dont subscribe

from the link it looks like if i dont subscribe the only app i loose is the yelp Thanks

Pricing and Availability of Uconnect® Access
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awesome so if I don't subscribe ill loose even the Pandora? thanks
I understand the 8.4 comes without navigation. I also seem to understand that it is dealer upgradeable.
Any idea once its upgraded if it gives me the same features as if I would've taken the 8.4 nav? Or do I lose stuff?
Will I still be able to have turn by turn on the instrument panel?
I actually bought a touring L and it did not come with a nav from factory and we added it thru the dealership and you still get the turn by turn on the instrument panel, i dont think u loose anything, nothing i can tell, but one thing is noticeable is how fast this navigation when looking for stuff or putting in address.
How much did they charge for adding nav?
I think $600, its well worth it, if i were you find the one with premium sound, if you look at the uconnect price its $595 and premium sound gives you uconnect 8.4 plus alpine sound system and subwoofer for $797 so u get more for an extra two hundred something
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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