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Hello newbie here looking at the pacifica, i have a question regardign the uconnect added software nav, do i need the subscription in order to use the nav? is the nav running off my phone? do i loose the nav when i dont have signal on my phone? can you add apps to uconnect when subscribed? and what do you loose if you dont subscribe

from the link it looks like if i dont subscribe the only app i loose is the yelp Thanks

Pricing and Availability of Uconnect® Access
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Looks like you do lose a few things if you go with the standard 8.4 instead of the 8.4 Nav. (HD Radio, 3D city/terrain, SXM Traffic/Travel Link, and an extra 6 months of Uconnect Access). None of it seems earth shattering.

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The only way to get the system updates without the Uconnect subscription is to go to the dealer ($).
That’s not true. You can still get Uconnect system updates without a Uconnect Access subscription.
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